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Welcome To BruegelNow

Welcome to Bruegel Now, the website that celebrates everything Bruegel / Brueghel related. 

Although born nearly 500 years ago, Pieter Bruegel and his sons’ impact continue to be felt today.  From museum exhibits to new monographs reprinting their painting to ever-increasing prices paid for their work at auction, the Bruegel / Brueghel phenomenon continues unabated.   The Bruegel / Brueghel family members continue to be in the news, with the “discovery” of a Bruegel painting in Prado within the last year making the front pages of newspapers around the globe.

The purpose of this website is to provide one-stop access to all things happening “Now” in the Bruegel / Brueghel word.  Movies, books, auctions and exhibitions are just some of the items that will be covered. Some of these items are academic in nature, while others firmly reside in pop culture.  Regardless, both have a place in Bruegel Now.

You likely will notice that we have more material about the Pieters Bruegel / Brueghel than Jan Brueghel or the other Brueghels.  This is because the Pieters interest us much more than Jan.  In him time, Jan was much more popular than Peter.  Jan Brueghel was a friend of Rubens and his art sold for much more than the works of Pieter the Younger. Now, hundreds of years later, the “inferior” Pieter the Younger paintings command multiples of what Jan sells for – sibling rivalry at the highest level!

This website is also a place to hear from you.  We want to learn your thoughts on all things Bruegel / Brueghel, so don’t be shy about posting a comment to any of the stories that you see. 

Welcome to Bruegel Now!


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